The Central Information System (CIS) is a foundation by and for insurance companies operating in the Netherlands and their authorised agents. The CIS database contains information that may be relevant to its participating insurance companies and their authorised agents. This information could come from different parties involved in an insurance claim, for example, or from cases that are important enough to the insurance market to warrant sharing.

Our objective is to protect the common interests of our members by contributing to and supervising information sharing between members, between members and the police and judicial authorities, and with other bodies approved by our board. 

Sharing information can help our members detect, prevent and control the misuse of financial products and services and manage risks in the broadest sense of the word. We aim to meet these objectives by collecting, classifying, managing and distributing factual information. 
By doing so we are helping our members gain a better understanding of the nature and scope of the risks involved (is all the information entered on an insurance application form true?) and their obligation to pay out on a policy (is the claim legitimate or fraudulent?).

The information in the CIS database can also be used for scientific research and statistical analysis for the purposes of fraud or crime prevention and risk analysis.

CIS ensures that all members comply with the relevant legislation and regulations when processing information in the CIS database. For example, personal data can only be processed in accordance with the rules set out in the General Data Protection Regulation.

Everyone may come into contact with CIS at some stage. If you apply for insurance or file a claim with your insurance company or an authorised agent, they can check the CIS database.

If there is any insurance-related information about you in the CIS database, for example because you have claimed on your insurance policy in the past few years, the insurance company or authorised agent can use it in assessing your application. 

Every insurance company or authorised agent will use the information in their own way. Our members can tell you more about their underwriting policy themselves.