Amending your records

After receipt of your access request, CIS will share your records in the CIS database with you. The records you will receive are an exact reflection of the information held about you in the CIS database.

If you have any questions about why the information was registered or about the details of the information held, please contact the insurance company that submitted the record(s). In the record, this party is referred to as the ‘processor’.
Correction request
If you are of the opinion that the information in the record is wrong, you can contact the insurance company concerned directly or use the CIS Correction Form.

On this form, please specify clearly what data you believe to be incorrect and why. Make sure you quote the reference number of the record you want corrected.

Important: Please fill in one correction form for each incorrect record you have received from CIS. Send the form along with a copy of the relevant record to CIS.

You can email your correction request to  or post it to

CIS t.a.v. Team Correctie
Postbus 91627

Amending a record

CIS will submit your correction request to the party that entered the record. All insurance companies that are members of CIS are responsible for the accuracy of the data in the CIS database, so the data in the CIS database can only be amended or removed by the insurance company concerned; CIS cannot do this.

We will notify you when we receive a response from the insurance company concerned.