Your data and CIS

Stichting Centraal Informatie Systeem (CIS) is a foundation by and for insurance companies operating in the Netherlands and their authorised agents. We manage data that is relevant to these organisations in the CIS database. An authorised agent is a financial service provider who has the authority to act directly on behalf of one or more insurance companies without bearing the financial risk. Any reference to ‘insurance company’ or ‘insurance companies’ on our website also includes their authorised agent(s).

If you make a claim with your insurance company, they store data about you and register the claim in the CIS database. They can also check the database when you apply for insurance or make a claim. CIS manages this data from the insurance companies and helps you find out what data may be held about you.

To find out what data is held about you in the CIS database, you can request access via CIS. There is no charge for this.
Responsibility for data
Your insurance company is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data held  in the CIS database. In addition, the insurance company is also responsible for informing you when data about you is registered in the CIS database.

CIS only manages the CIS database and does not check whether the data about you it contains is correct or incorrect. If you believe that there is incorrect data about you in the CIS Database or if you don’t agree with a decision by the insurance company, you can take this up with the insurance company itself.