Correcting an incorrect record

Naturally, we can only process a Correction Request if we have received a Request for Access first. For information on the access procedure and the application form, see Access your records.

Once you have submitted a Request for Access, if you discover that a record contains incorrect information, you can email to to ask us to correct it using the CIS Correction Request form.

On the CIS Correction Form, make sure you state clearly which information is wrong and why you want it changed or removed. Always include a copy of the disputed record with your Correction Request. 

NB: If you do not enclose a copy of the disputed record, CIS cannot process your Correction Request.

A record can only be removed before the end of the maximum period by the participating insurance company or authorised agent that entered it. This could happen if an insurance company or authorised agent has received a Correction Request from the person named in the record and has agreed to make the correction, for example.

If you don't want to email your Correction Request you send us by post to:

T.a.v. Team Correctie
PO Box 91627
2509 EE The Hague

CIS will send your Correction Request to the insurance company or authorised agent that entered the information in the CIS database. It is the insurance company’s or authorised agent’s responsibility to ensure that the information they enter in the CIS database is correct. Once we receive a response from the insurance company or authorised agent, we will forward it to you.