CIS for consumers

The CIS database may contain personal data about you. This will be the case if you have claimed against your insurance policy, for example.

You have the right to know what information about you is stored in the database. This is stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can submit a request to CIS to access your data.


The right of access can only be exercised by the person concerned (the data subject). This means that the access request must be submitted by the data subject themselves and not by third parties such as administrators. Third parties can help with the request, but the data subject must sign the request themselves.

The only exception is a trustee or guardian. A trustee or guardian can submit a request for access on behalf of the legal or natural person under trusteeship or guardianship.

Before you can request a correction, you must first have submitted an access request and received a copy of your records from CIS. You can start your request by clicking ‘Access my records’.

Once you have received your records, you can request a correction by contacting the insurance company concerned directly. You can also submit a correction request via CIS. 

To do so, please complete a Correction Form  for each incorrect record. Make sure you clearly indicate what personal data is incorrect and why it should be changed. 

Important: Only send a copy of the relevant record with the correction form, otherwise CIS will not be able to process your request. 

What happens once I have submitted a correction request? 
CIS will submit your correction request to the relevant company. All insurance companies that are members of CIS are themselves responsible for the accuracy of the data in the CIS database, so your data in the CIS database can only be amended by the insurance company concerned; CIS cannot do this. We will notify you when we receive a response from the insurance company concerned.